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We love sharing music.

auxcord brings the experience of sharing music to the Internet.

Join a room and listen to a live mix created in real time by people around the world, or just your friends.

People, not algorithms

Don't let your songs be picked by a robot. With auxcord, your music is curated live by users with similar tastes.

Never listen alone

We democratize music. Your upvotes, downvotes, and emoji all go to creating a unique listening experience that is fun to use and dynamic. See who's on fire and follow them, or give feedback on songs you don't like.

Four people for music

Nathan Lee

Nathan is passionate about connecting people with technology. He believes in synthesizing creativity, drive, and compassion to help others. He digs Simon and Garfunkel.

Nat Redfern

Nat is an average height, slightly nerdy, entrepreneur. He aspires to create easy to use, high quality product. One of his favorite artists is Queen.

David Lu

David dreams of the future, then works to make the future a reality. He loves the music of Ratatat and is constantly searching for new songs.

Ethan Lee

Ethan is a dreamer, hacker, and innovation oriented entrepreneur. He seeks to improve the world through creativity while jamming to Modern Baseball and Checkpoint.

Dropping soon

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